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Take charge of your life or someone else will. (Episode 1)

  • Speak Easy - Broad Ripple 5255 Winthrop Avenue Indianapolis, IN, 46220 United States (map)

If your golf performance is important to you, you will hire a coach to help you improve.  One of the first things they review is your stance.  It will impact everything else.  

This is true with life.  When your performance in life matters to you, you will want to know what you can do to improve it.  The trajectory of your results will depend on your stance, or how you address life - also called your "inner stance".  

Most people never actually take the time to distinguish where they are coming from with their inner stance.  They are unaware of how their perspectives, self-evaluations, judgments of others and personal choices will impact their results.  They make comments like “that’s life” or “that’s just the way I am.”   

In this workshop, Coach Tinder will introduce and discuss the most common contrasting stances; owner and victim.  He will also show you how the stance you choose is determining your results and what you can do to change it.    

Mike Tinder began life and business coaching in 2007.  Mike was dissatisfied with his personal and professional performance, hired a coach, and changed his game.  He now coaches individuals who are interested in taking their game to new levels.